Are you struggling with any of these common business problems right now…

  • Not getting a consistent stream of clients for your business?

  • Have lots of clients but still having cashflow challenges?

  • Feeling stuck, have hit a glass ceiling and are unable to take the business to the next level?

  • Have absolutely no time and are working to the ground but want your life back?

  • Feeling tired, burnt out, lacking focus and motivation for your business?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of those challenges, keep reading…

I want you to know that you are not alone
Many businesses struggle with these same exact problems

Let’s be honest, running and growing
a business is way harder that you 
thought it would be right?

There is so much to do and think about that things can get really crazy when you own and run a business.




But when you know how to make the machine work effectively it can be incredibly simple to create a business that is thriving in ALL areas!

Here’s a simple yet disturbing truth …

The biggest barriers that cause
business owners the most pain,
frustration and struggle are
the lack of …



You Don’t Need To Keep Struggling In Your Business

  • Are you ready for a steady stream of clients and income?

  • Are you ready for the cash flow challenges to be sorted?

  • Are you ready to get moving forward and take your business to the next level?

  • Are you ready to get your time and life back?

  • Are you ready for a quantum leap in your business results?


Discover the revolutionary
Profits PyramidTM System that can
dramatically transform your
entire business

What is the Profits PyramidTM System?

The Profits PyramidTM framework is a revolutionary 5 level system that has been developed and refined over the last 6 years.  It is capable of transforming virtually any business rapidly: increasing profits, creating leverage, growing clients, creating a long term sustainable business.

The system was developed from research, implementation and testing in our own business because we saw a massive need to be able to take a business to the next level quickly, and no other system we found has been able to do that like this system.  Plus it has been implemented and created amazing results from us coaching, mentoring and training thousands of businesses all around the world.

It has nothing to do with pyramid schemes, and everything to do with creating a sustainable business that is bringing you in bigger profits, giving you your time and freedom back, and serving your clients like you have never done before.

 The Profits PyramidTM system looks at a
business with a holistic approach to identify
exactly where the business is not running
at its full potential, finding gaps and missed
opportunities that are causing inefficiencies

The Profits PyramidTM system is specifically designed to create
TIME & MONEY for you and your business

Due to popular demand we are again running the full Profits Pyramid system as a Powerful and transformational 3 Day Live Training in Auckland.

7 Key Outcomes You Will Get When You Attend…

#1 Get Your Time Back!

We all want more time right?  The sad truth is that most business owners are working themselves to the ground running their business.  Working long hours is not the way to grow a successful and sustainable business.  You could unknowingly or very knowingly be putting your health and personal life at risk of a major disaster. During the event we will show you simple and effective ways to leverage your business, find the hidden time drainers that are currently sucking your time away to claim back your precious time and get your life in balance again.

GET YOUR TIME BACK CASE STUDY: One of our clients, Nina, hadn’t taken a holiday in years and didn’t know how she possibly could.  She believed her income was reliant on her working and being present in the business, if she took time off then she would lose income while away, and she couldn’t afford to do that.  We showed her strategies to generate work while she was away so that her income didn’t drop, so Nina could finally got a much needed week long holiday, and she was ecstatic that on her return she came back to $16,275 in sales.

#2 Cash Flow Strategies

One thing that can sink a business fast, even one that is making a decent amount of sales, is the cash flow crunch.  Trust me, I know, I’ve been there many times and it is not a good thing. Healthy cash flow is key to any business not only surviving but thriving!  With a decent flow of cash coming in regularly you can make massive shifts in your business to allow it to grow fast or to leverage it so you are more hands off.  During the event you will learn 7 powerful cash flow strategies that can turn any business around quickly.

CASH FLOW STRATEGIES CASE STUDY:  Our client, Roger, runs an importing business and came to us because he was struggling with cash flow.  This cash flow crunch was stopping him from growing his business and was capping the turnover that the business could make.  Roger felt trapped and frustrated that he couldn’t move forward.  We showed him just one strategy to implement that would solve the situation, and within just two weeks Roger was seeing the positive results and his cash flow had improved significantly.

#3 Rapid Client Attraction

Overwhelmed by all the marketing and sales strategies out there today?  Don’t know what is going to get YOU a result?  Discover the fastest ways to get new clients for your specific business.  There is no “one size fits all” model here despite what a lot of the business experts will have you believe.  Not every business is going to succeed at doing webinars, or video marketing, or telemarketing, it is about working out the best solution for you and your business.  At the event not only are we going to show you powerful and effective ways to get clients fast, but we will also help you determine what the best and quickest way is to attract clients to you specifically so you don’t need to waste your time and money on what isn’t going to work for you.

RAPID CLIENT ATTRACTION CASE STUDIES:  One of our long term clients, Erin, who is a speaker and trainer, was struggling to find an effective way to get new clients, and she needed them fast as business had slowed down in recent months.  We showed her a marketing and sales strategy that had a number of steps and was implemented over a few weeks.  Within one month Erin had a stack of new clients, and had generated over $80,000 in sales.  Another client, Mark, was just starting out in business.  He had large setup fees from purchasing equipment to get the business up and running and needed clients fast.  Mark had no marketing and sales knowledge or experience being a start up, and with one very specific strategy that we showed him, Mark had generated his first $10,000 in turnover within a month of starting the business.

#4 Find and Fix Your Gaps

Every business has gaps that the business owner is not even aware of.  These gaps can be flushing cash down the toilet, they can be sucking up huge amounts of time and energy, or they can be golden opportunities to maximise the business that you can’t see cause you are too busy putting out fires all the time in your business.  At Profits Pyramid Live we will help you to identify the gaps in your business and give you strategies to fix them.

FIND AND FIX YOUR GAPS CASE STUDY:  Amy’s business was cruising along but she was ready to grow the business.  Amy sells speciality products to the consumer market and she couldn’t see how to easily grow the business without working herself and her partner to the ground.  We showed her one of the missing gaps in the business and also how to fix it using a simple strategy that would take hardly any extra time and no extra money.  Just a few days later, Amy was so excited that they had made an extra $600 in the business that week, and the best news was that it was easily repeatable so it had the potential to generate ten of thousands of extra dollars in turnover in the business over the next year.

#5 Move Through Obstacles

Obstacles and challenges are going to happen in business, the question is, how do you deal with them without getting stopped in your tracks and business to go stagnant, or even worse… going backwards!  With 30 years combined experience in business, in numerous industries, we have strategies that can help you get around challenges and work through challenges quickly and easily.  Look, we have seen some extremely dark and challenging times in business and in life, including almost going bankrupt, and each time we have got through.  We have experienced this first hand and being able to move through obstacles and challenges is an essential skill if you are in business!

MOVE THROUGH OBSTACLES CASE STUDY:  Our client Yvette was in bad shape when she first came to us.  She was bogged down in massive debt, was experiencing financial hardship and was losing hope of a way out.  We helped Yvette to create a solid plan of how to move forward, get out of debt and get back on her feet, and we also gave her the mindset strategies to get her head back in the game.  Within just two weeks Yvette had already cleared a decent amount of the debt, had generated cash flow to turn her financial situation around and was back in the game, excited about life and her business once again.

#6 Your Success Roadmap

There is nothing worse than going to an event and learning a stack of information and then going back home and nothing changes.  Information and even powerful strategies are totally worthless unless you can implement them in your business and your life.  That’s why, not only are we going to be implementing some of the strategies right there are the event so you get super fast results, but you are also going to be going home with a tailored success roadmap that is specifically for you and your business.  No cookie cutter strategies here, you are going to know the exact steps for you to implement once you leave the event.

YOUR SUCCESS ROADMAP CASE STUDY:  We recently helped Nick who is a vet to create his own success roadmap.  His business had seen some big challenges in the previous six months and he needed a plan that was going to lead him to success rather than the business slipping backwards.  After creating his success roadmap, Nick saw exactly how he was going to generate an extra $36,000 each month in his business.

#7 Creating Your Amazing Business

We are all about helping people to create an amazing business for themselves, and that is the focus of the event: creating a sustainable business that will serve your clients, and create happy raving clients, and a business that also serves you and your family, because let’s be honest, a business is there to serve you and give you an amazing life, otherwise why are you business?

CREATING YOUR AMAZING BUSINESS CASE STUDY:  Our client Ryan has seen massive transformation over the last year, not only in his business, but also in his life.  With our help he has turned his business completely around, now generating sales and getting new clients.  His finances have improved greatly, with his wife and him even purchasing investment properties in the last year.  He has also taken more time off during this year than any years in recent times and has gone on multiple overseas holidays.  Ryan is feeling happier, more alive and being more present in his life.  A true example of creating an amazing business and life.

This event is NOT for hobby businesses, or for anyone considering starting a business but unsure of what to do.  This is an immersive business training for Owners, Managers or BDMs where we will be working specifically on taking your business to the next level.

Your Presenters

Andrew Baird

Andrew Baird is a Business Coach, International Speaker and Best Selling International Business Author who has been involved in businesses since 1998, taking him from his home in Auckland through Australia and the US, including Wall Street in New York where he worked with start-ups during the DotCom Boom and Bust of 2000.

Growing businesses from nothing to millions in turnover and creating many profitable exits he loves helping business owners transform what’s possible for them.  From Baby Boomers getting ready to sell their business for the maximum price through to Gen Y’s struggling in their first business, Andrew loves getting stuck in and sharing what works from his personal experiences.

Investing in multiple start ups with his most successful now trading for over $500 million dollars he has a wealth of experience in starting small and growing businesses.  He has bought and sold, partnered and used licensing to rapidly grow his start ups.  An expert in online technologies his first three start ups were both technology based companies.

Widely respected he has been featured locally and internationally on Radio, TV, Digital Media and many other media outlets from the National Business Review to Sky TV.  With a wealth of knowledge in business and his advanced strategies he can transform virtually any business.

Andrew is a dedicated family man and uses the leverage he has created in his business to actively spend time with his family.  Loving the outdoors he loves exploring the bush in New Zealand as well as rock climbing and scaling the heights.

Kim Baird

Kim Baird is an inspirational speaker, award winning author (winner of the Gowor International Publishing Award 2015), transformational coach and entrepreneur. Kim has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and their businesses for the better. She has a passion for living life full out by your own rules and absolutely loves helping others to do the same; helping them to consciously create the life that they truly desire.

Her skills at transforming others have come from vast training, and her own unique experiences in life. Faced with many challenges from being born with cataracts, nearly having to declare bankruptcy on multiple occasions, and being diagnosed with serious health problems, she has discovered how to thrive in the face of adversity.

She now specialises in transforming people’s ‘Inner Game’ so that they can take not just survive but thrive and take their lives to the next level.  The Inner Game is all the internal stuff that goes on inside of us that drives and creates our external world, including our mindset, thoughts, beliefs, habits, intentions, desires, emotions and energy that shape our lives and can help us thrive or hold us back from creating what we truly want.

She is an accomplished author; her International Publishing Award winning book Gifts From the Darkness has received rave reviews and Kim has also co-authored numerous books on business, life and personal development including Conscious Business and Grounded In Gratitude. Kim in high demand and is often featured in the media including digital, radio and TV.

An adventurer at heart, Kim loves to push herself out of her comfort zone. At the tender age of fourteen she did her very first skydive and fell in love with getting the adrenaline hit, going on to have many fun filled adventures, including swimming with sharks and skiing in North America.

Kim is also devoted to helping numerous charities and causes, which comes back to her passion and dedication to making this world a better place for all, supporting charities both financially and with volunteering her personal time.

Here’s what people have said about some of our past events…

Come Join Us at Profits Pyramid Live and Create a long term sustainable Business that you Love and that is Thriving on ALL Levels


Dates: Friday 24th – Sunday 26th February 2017

Times:  Each of the 3 days will run from 8:30am – 5pm

Location:  Quality Hotel, Parnell, Auckland

Parking: Free parking on site and on the road

Don’t Delay In Grabbing Your Ticket


 Let Us Help You To Get
Your Business Rocking on
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Truly Amazing Business

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We are restricting this event to a small group of people so that we can help you get the best results possible over the 3 days.


Come join us for 3 powerful days of business training, amazing networking & transformation. You will get the entire Profits Pyramid System with nothing held back.

Tickets just $597

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Want to be a VIP and get extra support and coaching?  With the VIP tickets you get amazing bonuses to help support you before and after the event.

  • a ticket to the 3 day Profits Pyramid Live event

  • a 90 minute coaching call with Andrew or Kim

  • 60 days access to our weekly Kaizen Inner Circle support calls

  • our powerful 14 Influence Factors Training

VIP Tickets only $997


Helen Hancox | Flying Filing Squad | Wellington, NZ

"Andrew’s individual attention to my actual business needs was gratefully received. His ability to cut straight through to the critical issues in my business were amazing. I came away from the weekend with increased enthusiasm for business, a weekly work plan, an annual work plan and many concrete ideas to implement immediately."

Jennie Brown | International Speaker and Best Selling Author | Queensland, Australia

"Andrew’s support and help have been invaluable on my journey from business idea to 6-figure business owner. One idea quickly lead into $80k of new income and I highly recommend you work with him."

Fi Saunders | Queensland, Australia

"My life has changed dramatically since beginning the program, I am a different person now to when I started. I could never have imagined the impact this would have on my life or the transformation which is ongoing and still unfolding. The support I have received from Kim throughout has been invaluable."

Peter Stone | Coach and Business Development Manager | Melbourne, Australia

"One suggestion for a business deal I was working on meant I could potentially add $80k to $220k in additional profit – Andrew is the go to guy if you want help strategically growing your business."

Tony Frith | Holistic animal wellness consultant | Auckland, NZ

"I got a lot out of the workshops I have done with Andrew and Kim and would recommend them to anyone developing a business."

David Hall | The Business Mentor | Sydney, Australia

“After working with you over many years and seeing first hand the massive results you get for your clients, I can honestly say you’re One in a Million. Anyone thinking about working with you has my highest recommendation.”

Anthony Finocchiaro | Stone Importer ~ Macrostone | NSW, Australia

“A few tips from Andrew on ways that I can better structure my marketing package for my business lead to five new leads in one week. These leads have been converted into long term customers and will no doubt generate me thousands of dollars in sales over the next few years. Thanks heaps.”

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